How it works

HOW IT WORKS will create an individual site for each club, fully branded with clubs colours & logo, tailored to its individual needs. This site will be fully secure and encrypted to industry standards. The club then shares a simple link to all members via text, email or social media.

  • Your members can click, register and pay their relevant fees. Once completed, they will receive a receipt via email.

  • All sites are fully encrypted using 128bit SSL to ensure confidentiality of sensitive data

  • 24/7 email support is available, Online support between 09.00 and 17.30 Monday to Friday

  • Your Club will receive updates of all payments in real time. All data can be categorized and exported with a push of a button

WILL COLLECTIT.IE SUIT MY CLUB? can be tailored to most clubs, societies or social groups. Our dedicated sales team are always on hand to discuss all your requirements. Below is a list of only a small selection of suitable clubs and societies.

  • Bridge Club

  • Musical Societies

  • Drama Groups

  • Active Retirement Groups

  • Dance Classes

  • And Many More


  • Cashless club – no more envelopes in cars or members houses overnight etc

  • Speeds up payments – Less time taken up chasing members

  • Membership database is updated fully from the outset

  • Can intergrate with text systems and bulk email systems

  • Members can be sent link via text, email, Whatsapp or social media platforms

  • Confirmation receipt issued to members once transaction is complete

  • Updated in real time and club can get updates at a touch of a button

  • All payment data can be exported and categorized to suit each club

  • Can be tailored for other payments such as club shop, fundraisers and event tickets

  • Payment gateway encrypted to National Industry Standards